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You are welcome to Volunteer with us!

You are welcome to volunteer with us on our projects and activities.


Activities include; Environmental Education and Climate change, Water and Sanitation,

Waste management; Tree planting and Energy Conservation; Sustainable agriculture and Food Security 



You can also help in Administration and Research.



Feel free to contact us!

Word from Past Volunteer

 I had an amazing experience working this past summer with the Environmental Conservation Effort! During my time with the ECE, I was able to undertake a wide variety of activities.

I created and conducted environmental surveys, wrote environmental club handbooks for schools, designed and distributed environmental awareness pamphlets in the community, and even conducted environmental workshops and tree planting sessions at several local schools.

 As a relatively young organization, ECE has a small number of dedicated volunteers who were a pleasure to work with every day and made me feel like a welcome addition and close friend. I also couldn’t have asked for anything more from my host family. I am still in contact with them on a regular basis and they even call themselves my “African parents”.

ECE is a great place for volunteers who want to engage with the community, build relationships, and want to invoke positive social, economic, and environmental change at the local level.

Josh Spencer

ECE Volunteer (Summer 2011)
Vancouver, Canada

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