Get Involved

ECE would like to express a grateful thanks to our supporters. Your support contributes to our core funding which is vitally important for ECE to carry out its mission of conserving the environment and to support those community projects most in need.

You are welcome to support ECE's mission.

There are several ways you can support and get involved.

 Help promote the Right to a healthy environment

Tell the politicians and leaders that you care and want strong commitments from them to protect and conserve our environment.

Sponsor a tree

Planting a tree is one of the best ways to support it, and to protect the environment. We seek opportunities to plant trees in appropriate areas to improve the environment, benefit people and provide a lasting legacy.

We work to conserve trees and endeavor to respond effectively where possible to issues that concern the continued existence of trees for the benefit of all. We engage with individuals and communities to ensure that trees are considered an important and valued part of our lives.

Join our campaigns

Support our “Every Child a Tree” campaign.

Fund raise for ECE

Fund raise for ECE by organizing an event of your own.

Make a donation

ECE urgently needs funds and other material resources to help build capacities of communities and to initiate innovative solutions for sustainable development in communities. Please give all you can and us promise to spend your money wisely.

Leave a gift in your will

Even when you are gone, you can include ECE in your will. A tree for instance planted and dedicated in your name…..

Change your life style

Our unchecked life styles have contributed to environmental degradation and misery in our communities leading to excessive and wasteful use of energy, water and food. This has put great strain on the natural world leaving big carbon footprint. Help by changing to a more sustainable life style.




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