ECE ACTIVITIES ECE ACTIVITIES Capacity building in Records and accounts management by Mango UK 109257178 An awareness session in progress 109257179 Despite transport challenges,trees reach where they are needed 109257180 Education about environmental conservation in progress! 109257181 109257182 109257183 Learning how to plant a tree! 109257184 109257185 Eager to learn how trees are planted! 109257186 109257187 ECE's means of transport! 109257188 Parking trees for distribution to schools! 109257189 Partnerships are key to ECE's Mission success! 109257190 Working with Eskom Uganda Ltd to deliver seedlings to schools! 109257191 Woow! Look at my fruit! 109257192 Pupils of Victoria Primary school after planting their trees! 109257193 Capacity building is key to success! 109257194 Every Child a Tree campaign by ECE! You are welcome to support it. 109257195 Learning how to make a Tip - Tap for proper sanitation! 109257196 Community members listening attentively during an awareness session! 109257197 Environmental Day Celebrations at Jinja Town! 109257198 Conservation Walk in Progress! 109257199 Cleaning the streets of Jinja! 109257200 Climate Change education is key to fighting Climate Change 109257201 A Public lecture in Progress at Jinja Town Hall! 109257202 Awareness under a tree! 109257203 Demonstrating how to plant a tree! 109257204 A headteacher plants the first tree at his school! 109257205 Using available resources to manage wastes! 109257206 It is fun planting trees! 109257207 Community members sharing seedlings! 109257208 Happy with tree seedling are these women from Buyengo,Jinja! 109257209 Dustbins for schools waste management program! 109257210 Students of Mother Kevin S.S pose for a group photo with their HM after the education awareness and tree planting 109257211 How do you plant this? 109257212 Learning gardening 189579878