Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

Using Drama to carry out climate change awareness

Tree Planting in communities

ECE carries out environmental education in schools and communities targeting children, men and women.


Communities are taught about environmental and development issues such as Climate Change.


Tree planting is a major activity under this program area. This is done in schools and communities.


We emphasize indigenous and multi purpose trees that promote soil and water conservation

Environmental Education in school communities

ECE carries out environmental education in schools and communities and to targeted audiences like local leaders and civil societies. ECE strives to: create awareness among local communities and individuals  on various environmental problems;  develop Knowledge, change behavior/attitude and motivate practice. At schools, ECE works with primary and secondary schools to integrate environmental knowledge and skills into their curricular and extracurricular activities.

Water and Sanitation

Communities and schools are facing a challenge as regards their health, sanitation and water scarcity. Despite the fact that ECE does not have sufficient funds to help in infrastructure development in these areas, ECE has embarked on a Behavior change campaign that promotes good health, water use and sanitation. For instance with support from Global Green Grants USA, it embarked on a pilot project to build capacities of school children in waste management. 





Also under this area, ECE seeks to educate the people on easy to afford water harvesting technologies such as domestic rain water harvesting and the proper usage of water to avoid water related diseases. Primary health care is another activity under this where there is promotion of hand washing in school communities among others.

Agriculture and Food Security

Under this, communities are helped to improve on access and availability of food through trainings that promote sustainable agriculture. In schools, school gardens are promoted, fruit growing among others. For example in 2009, with support from Seeds for Africa, 10 orchards were started in 10 schools in Jinja. With partnership with local organizations, communities are empowered to grow crops for both commercial and subsistence.

Energy Conservation

Despite having been blessed with the water bodies and also electricity dams, majority of the population cannot afford electricity for cooking and lighting. ECE acknowledges this gap and also the constantly increasing demand for power and as such, we are convinced that it is time people were made aware of alternatives to this.


Under this, ECE endeavors to promote renewable energy through raising awareness of the potential of renewable energy, especially solar energy, to contribute to Uganda’s energy sources; promoting activities, lifestyles and processes that reduce energy needs; supporting energy-efficient designs and technologies, especially in the rural communities such as the energy saving stoves and general awareness around energy conservation. Raise understanding around energy-related matters and empower communities to make wise choices.

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