Working for a sustainable earth

About Us

Environmental Conservation Effort (ECE) is a Community based non-profit environmental organization legally registered with the Ugandan Government in 2008. It is a non-sectarian, non-religious and non-political organization because it concerns every living person to be and live in a healthy environment.




ECE believes that a healthy environment is the basis for our economic and social well-being. Thus endorses the "precautionary" and "polluter pays" principles.Characterized by multi-stakeholder involvement and sound science, ECE's work is oriented towards long-term solutions. The environment includes people.  This human dimension is  an integral part of  environmental solutions.

Networking and Partnership: ECE undertakes to support and enable a culture of net working & partnership with government, communities, donors, NGOs, international organizations, universities, and the private sector and build our capacity to ensure a full implementation of our organizational philosophy.



Quality Services for Improved Quality of Life: ECE is dedicated to delivering and developing quality programs designed to offer opportunities for participants to improve their quality of life.


Community Integration: ECE will strive to ensure that the services available afford maximum opportunities for participants to achieve full and effective integration in their local community.


Volunteerism with passion for community development and environment conservation


Achieving our goals

In order to achieve her goals, ECE does Research, Advocacy, Education and awareness, Cooperation and Initiate and facilitate Socio-economic and Environment projects for livelihoods